"NikiVee" has been composing synth based songs since 1985. Though he liked the sound of Techno/Trance/Acid music, NikiVee found it was lacking an important element - melodies. NikiVee has taken that techno sound and incorporated beautiful, uplifting melodies. In 1998, NikiVee was influenced to put some of his songs up on MP3.com. He was indeed hesitant about this because he didn’t feel his music was good enough to publish. Little did he know, the music industry, fans, and reviewers would form and build his confidence level. After approximately six months of advertising his music on MP3.com, NikiVee was approached by the Featured Artist section. Here’s a few excerpts of what they had to say: "The stories behind his music are just as intriguing as the music itself. When pressed to name five current album favorites-he simply can't. His faves include the Beatles ("The original 'alternative' band,")  Wendy Carlos, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. NikiVee explains, "I guess that's my way of making sure my music is not diluted too much by other influences." The unique-yet-familiar vibe of "Taychon Dreams," and "Equinox" are proof positive that staying somewhat removed from your genre allows for healthy originality. Though music has been a large part of his life for many years, most of his co-workers don't even know he plays an instrument. (He's an engineer for a computer network integrator). He writes and plays all of his music- yet he can't read music and has never had a music lesson. So far, it hasn't been necessary to reach a worldwide audience. If his buzz continues to build, NikiVee may end up famous after all, whether he likes it or not." In 1998, NikiVee released his first CD on MP3.com with great success. The CD entitled “Sputnika Digitalis” was listed among the 10 top CD sales and his songs quickly climbed the charts to the top 10 in many cases. By 1999, the word was getting out. Other artists were intrigued by the musical writing talents of NikiVee and were asking permission to remix many of the familiar NikiVee tunes. NikiVee continued to write new tunes and released his second CD entitled “State of Mind”. This CD took the same route as the first putting him in the 10 top CD sales and making their way to the top 100 in the MP3 charts. NikiVee’s songs have been featured in many compilation CD’s such as “Turkish Earthquake Relief Compilation”, “Kosovo War Relief”, and “MP3 for Oklahoma City Tornado Relief”. Also in 1999, NikiVee contracted with Club X Records and was selected as featured artist for AussieAid 2000. Recently, NikiVee has been named as one of the top 10 electronica artists by Indie Journal.